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Marcos Placona
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Well, I’ve never publicly done this before, as I though it was a little too personal, but this year I decided to try it.

I’ve seen many people doing it, and thought it’d be fun to check on the resolution list at the end of the next year, and see what I’ve accomplished.

I’ll post my resolutions as they come to my mind, and don’t really wanna have any priority to the order. I reckon resolutions should simply happen.

  • Start a new university
  • Get my driver’s license sorted out, so I can stop using my Belgian one
  • Visit my parents in Brazil
  • Learn a new programming language just for the sake of it
  • subscribe to the gym again
  • buy a new car
  • stop wasting money with rent, and actually buy a house
  • stop eating junk food, and have a more healthy life
  • take more pictures of my life
  • be a bit more organizwed with my time
  • start speaking to my local user group
  • blog more
  • write more technical articles
  • publish the book I’ve been planing to for a few years
  • start contributing with an open-source project

Well, I can’t remember anything other than that right now, but I’ll keep updating the list.

With my best wishes to you all,

Marcos Placona