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Flash on iPhone

(Photo: William Hook)

Not really Flash running from websites on the browser, but at the MAX Conference 2009 that is happening this week, Adobe has just broken the news that Flash developers will now be able to create applications for the Apple Iphone using Action Script 3.

It’s a form of pre-compilation done via Adobe Flash CS5 (the new version coming up)

There is already some apps available on the app store. they are: Chroma Circuit, Trading Stuff, Fickleblox, Just Letters, South Park, That Roach Game and Red Hood. All created with a pre-release build of Flash Professional CS5.

Adobe has also announced on Monday Flash 10.1 which will be the new version of Flash coming for all the major smartphones (with the exception of the iPhone).

We can only hope now that as a next step, Adobe releases a flash version that can also be run on the Apple iPhone