Matrix effect with Dart

After my last post on Dart, I decided that I wanted to write something a bit more complex using the language. I had a lot of good feedback on it, but still felt I should try to push the language as much as I could, and see if it was a really enjoyable language to write code in.

2 min read

A first look at Dart

A few weeks ago, I went to a Google sponsored event called Dart Flight School. The aim is to promote the language by doing a road trip and presenting use-cases and samples. The presentations were brief, and mainly focused on discussing the language’s functionalities, and its seamless integration with AngularJS (also maintained by Google)

9 min read

UK Top 40 albums & singles JSON

So I had this idea for a little application and wanted to get the UK’s Top40 singles to use in it. I started by writing something that would scrape Radio 1’s Top 40 chart and return me a list of songs since I couldn’t find any feeds that would give me that.

1 min read