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Marcos Placona
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We all know how painful it is to keep up to date with our meeting and

obligations. I’ve recently been thinking of a nice way to sync my calendars

from work and personal into a single account.

I then had a very specific spec for it, which is as follows:

  • I need to get my calendar pushed to my iPhone;
  • The calendar must be a merge of my personal calendar, and my business


  • I still want to be able to pick up my google mail emails;
  • I DO NOT want it to pick up my business emails (as I prefer to

    pick them up another way);

  • The calendar must be available anywhere and at anytime

Obviously Google Calendar springs to mind, as we

all know it’s online, and basically that pretty much makes sure you have your

calendar anywhere (as long as you have internet connection). It takes the last

item off my list, as it’s available anywhere, but i still had to work on the

other three items, and here’s what I did:

First of all, you need to make sure you iPhone software is at least on

version 2.2, otherwise this won’t work.

I the downloaded Google Calendar Sync and

installed it. It’s very straoght forward, as you only need to put your account

details into it, and say what kind of sync you wanna have.

In my case, I chose **1-way: Microsoft Outlook Calendar to google

Calendar.** this pretty much tells your MS Outlook Calendar to synch with

Google Calendar every x minutes.

Google Calendar Sync

I then checked my Google Calendar, and everything was there. Excellent, I

just had to make it sync with my iPhone’s Calendar.

I then found some information over at Google’s website. I’ll describe the

next steps here

  • Open Settings on your iphone;
  • Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars.;
  • Tap Add Account;
  • Select Microsoft Exchange;
  • Put an account name in the email field (not your actual google

    mail email);

  • Don’t put anything on domain;
  • put your google mail’s email address on username;
  • put your password (in the password field);
  • Click next;
  • A server field will appear;
  • Enter;
  • Click next and sync;

Make sure you select only calendars, as you have your email account already


And that should be it. in case you have different calendars in different

computers, you can simply follow the same steps of installation for each

computer, and your iPhone settings should remain the same, as everything comes

from Google Calendar.

source: Google Mobile Sync