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Ubuntu Experience

Following the last post about network problems and dodgy Firewalls. This time I decided to install Ubuntu on my laptop. I have to be honest saying that it was my first time installing something *nix.

This time I received some cd’s from

From this CD you can either run Ubuntu as a Live CD (not having to install anything on your machine) or from the Live CD go for an installation. I backed up my whole laptop and decided to give it a try.

The wizards are really intuitive. You have to answer some questions for configuration purposes and then it’s time to create a new partition.

I was really scared when I saw the partition screen, as I was completely sure it was gonna destroy my Windows installation. Can you imagine Linux doing something good for your fragile Windows?

I was wrong, it’s really neat, and it easily gave me the option to create the partitions manually, so I created one new partition for the root “/” (must have minimum 2GB space) and another one for the swap (minimum 256mb space).

Then clicked next, confirmed the installation and off it went. In 15 minutes I had Ubuntu running like it had been installed for months, as I didn’t even had to bother with drivers.

As previously said, I use a wireless router in my place and was really afraid it wasn’t gonna recognize it. Again for my surprise, as soon as I got it installed I was able to browse for all the wireless networks on the neighborhood.

My problem: Now I can see all the networks, but for some reason I can’t connect to it. It says there’s an error with the hardware. I know the hardware is OK as it works on my Windows Installation, but was reading about something related to a Built In Firewall in the Ubuntu installation.

Will check that tonight and update this entry from my brand new Ubuntu installation.