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The jQuery UI team has marked a major milestone for the UI. Today they released version 1.7 with some nice updates, and also put their own dedicated blog live. I’ve been using the beta version for quite a long time now, but will be going for the 1.7, as it’s more stable, and has all the complete features.

Some of the changes made by the jQuery team today were:

  • jQuery 1.3 compatibility

  • Revamped and optimized plugins

  • CSS framework

  • Themeroller v2

  • Demos & Documentation

  • Full offline documentation

  • Major website improvements

  • CSS framework and themes on Google AJAX Libraries API

  • Themes bundle

  • A new dedicated blog

The full post can be found here with all the details and news, and if you want to download the library, simply click here

The update can also be found and used via Google Ajax Libraries