Ubuntu Experience

Following the last post about network problems and dodgy Firewalls. This time I decided to install Ubuntu on my laptop. I have to be honest saying that it was my first time installing something *nix.

2 min read

What’s Jrun’s name?

Just found it on my old ColdFusion installation and thought it might be useful for someone in a multiple Jrun installations environment.

~1 min read

Breaking the network?

I recently bought a brand new Compaq Presario desktop to my new flat. For the first week living there I was just using my laptop (also a Compaq Presario) to do whatever I needed to do. I’m not a big fan of working from the laptop as it’s keyboard is a bit too small as well as it’s screen.

I could use another dettached screen and keyboard, but IMHO it’s just a whole bunch os paraphernalia, so I decided to buy a new desktop for my office at home.

2 min read

Tokenizing a string with Java.

As everybody knows, this Blog should show my studies integrating CFML with other technologies.
Today I was playing with the Java class arrayList() and at some point I generated this code:

Java Tokenize

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