My NodeJS app development experience

So, I decided to take a punt at writing a NodeJS application. Not a big application, or anything that would get me slashdoted, but an application that would help me understand the language, and give me a taste of what it is so many people are talking a bout. I have worked with JavaScript for quite a while now, and NodeJS seems like one of those “just right” languages, that you pick up in an afternoon and come to love it after writing a few lines of code. I read a few tutorials on the subject. And then decided to dive straight into building a small application that uses GitHub’s API. There were three things I wanted to take out of it:

3 min read

Managing your dotfiles the right way

It’s no secret that on the UNIX world, dotfiles play a very important part when it comes to making your terminal look good. Be it on Linux, be it on a Mac. Dotfiles are there so you can configure your favourite software to look just the way you like it.

4 min read

Android - Where is my menu button?

So you’ve created your super polished android application and added a navigation menu to it, so your users can go from a place to another in your application without having top jump to the main application screen. It’s great, they can now simply press the menu button, and and a little menu pops up showing them all options available in your application. You’ve obviously made sure to select the correct images, and use icons that adhere to the Android style. Great! It’s time to start testing you application in as many devices as you can, and definitely make sure it works on any of the latest devices. Until you you see yourself facing a device that looks like this:

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What breaks WP Super Cache

Disclaimer: This blog post is not meant to be timeless, meaning it will lose its relevancy as soon as the stuff I’ll mention below gets updated. I will do my best to keep up with the updates, and delete this blog post as soon as it becomes irrelevant.

2 min read

Finite image slider

I’ve been asked to come up with an image slider prototype for something new we were doing at work.

5 min read

Enterprise queuing applications

At work, we’ve decided to start using enterprise queuing applications for ease of communication between our ColdFusion and .Net projects.

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