Moving SVN Folders

I recently had to move an entire folder on SVN from a place to another. When you think “folders”, you simply imagine that would be an easy drag & drop task.

1 min read

Getting serial ports to work on Linux

I’ve recently been “forced” to move my desktop from Windows to Linux again. Basically my current desktop “decided” it won’t support Windows anymore, and any attempt to start it ends up in a BSOD, and I just got fed-up of trying to get it to work.

4 min read

A change is always welcome

I’ve been procrastinating for too long, and somehow trying to avoid the inevitable. As must of you might have noticed, it’s been a long time I don’t blog about anything.

9 min read

How to return tag contents with regular expressions

As most of you already know, I LOVE regular expressions, and think they are great to solve simple and complex tasks involving strings.

One thing I usually need to do, is extract contents from inside HTML or XML tags.

Take the following XML document for example:

1 min read