Marcos Placona
Marcos Placona
Developer evangelist at Twilio, GDE and in ❤️ with Open Source
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Last week it came to my attention that ColdFusion is being used by 75 of the Fortune 100 companies. Then, I was also informed that ColdFusion was ranked in the top four application servers by developers, just behind Websphere, Geronimo and Windows Server.

In the last couple of weeks, ColdFusion has been “the big fuss” of the world wide web. It’s totally scalable, and the learning curve is smaller than any other web language currently out there.

My question is:

What else do you need to crack on with ColdFusion development? It’s FREE for educational purposes, you can have FREE hosting for development, there’s a flawless FREE training material and a GREAT community.

I’d appreciate comments on that matter, as well as questions from people who might be thinking of starting with ColdFusion, but are still unsure about a thing or another.