The day finally came!

And of course I was out of the country and then too busy to even read anything about it.

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So what else do you need then?

Last week it came to my attention that ColdFusion is being used by 75 of the Fortune 100 companies. Then, I was also informed that ColdFusion was ranked in the top four application servers by developers, just behind Websphere, Geronimo and Windows Server.

In the last couple of weeks, ColdFusion has been “the big fuss” of the world wide web. It’s totally scalable, and the learning curve is smaller than any other web language currently out there.

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My top favourite twitter tools

UPDATEI’m constantly finding new tools that help me to use my twitter account in a better way. Some of the tools are really great, but I can’t be bothered to remember all of the URLs, and bookmarking doesn’t seem to help at all.

So I decided to compile a list and post here. I’ll update the list as I find new tools, so keep an eye on this space, and instead of bookmarking all the url’s, simply bookmark this post{.jqbookmark}.

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Windows Mobile on the iPhone? Hoax?

I’ve just seen this video and thought I’d share it with my few readers. It appears that a Norwegian lad found a way to boot Windows Mobile OS on the iPhone. According to him, it works pretty much like bootcamp, so you can select which OS to boot.

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jQuery UI 1.7 Released

The jQuery UI team has marked a major milestone for the UI. Today they released version 1.7 with some nice updates, and also put their own dedicated blog live. I’ve been using the beta version for quite a long time now, but will be going for the 1.7, as it’s more stable, and has all the complete features.

Some of the changes made by the jQuery team today were:

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Tip of the day: Regular Expression Generator

I have just came across this very nice service which promises to write Regular Expressions for you.

We all know how painful writing a regular expression can be, and on this website, you can not only have the pattern created for you, but also have it translated into the most common languages on the web.

I’ve tried it myself, and can say it’s pretty darn good, although it’s automatic generator gives you a lot of “functional-crap” sometimes, it’s good for when you’re in a hurry and need to have a pattern up and running, or is not very confident with regexps.

Check it out here

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